Utilizing a Duluth Relocation Expert™

As a Duluth Relocation Expert™ (DRE), I have proven knowledge and expertise of both the city of Duluth and the process of relocation, with a focus on the real estate market. In addition, I am a part of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC). This skill set, coupled with my experience, has enabled me to provide unmatched service to individuals looking to relocate to Duluth as well as area companies looking to recruit employees to the area.

Duluth is my home; let me share it with you. Contact me for a complimentary Duluth Relocation Packet or for information for about my HR program.

“When we first decided to move to Duluth from Colorado, we looked at homes online and contacted several real estate agents via their online links. Kevin was one of the few who replied. He answered all our questions and offered to send us relocation information about the city. When we arrived in Duluth and met Kevin, he took us on a tour of the area, giving us information on schools, cultural activities, the economy, day care, and housing. I was apprehensive about meeting with an agent when I came to interview, but fortunately I was pleasantly surprised by Kevin. After I decided to take the position and move to Duluth, Kevin’s knowledge and understanding of our home requirements allowed us to find the right home. He never pressured us and was very patient and helpful in making a very stressful situation easier on us, making the transition to our new city and new job smoother than I ever imagined.”

- Shawn & Karmen H., Duluth Residents

Moving to Duluth

Thinking about a move to Duluth? Be it from across the state or across the country, I understand the issues and can help provide answers to your questions. My experience has shown the value of having all the information you need to make your decisions. I can help, with answers about neighborhoods, home prices, schools, cultural activities, relative cost of living, economic opportunities, climate – and the list goes on.

Attention HR Departments

As you well know, relocation adds additional challenges to the recruiting process. Candidates’ anxieties about relocating to a new city can often cause them to drop out early in the process, or prevent offers from being accepted. Limited resources require HR departments to focus on the most critical aspects of the process, such as helping candidates understand the caliber of the company and the advantages of the positions. This leaves little time to ensure that all of the candidates’ questions about Duluth and the relocation process are answered. As a DRE, I offer a flexible, comprehensive program for HR departments, designed to help you recruit the right talent for your company – with the goal of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruiting efforts.

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